Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Faeries' Guide to Green Magick from the Garden by Jamie Martinez Wood

- a book for real Witches!!!

I had the rich pleasure of meeting Jamie when she presented her newest book, The Faeries' Guide to Green Magick from the Garden at Air & Fire in Boulder Creek California this past weekend. Her presentation focused on three of the herbs she writes of so skillfully in her newest book. She shared with us the myth of Menthe and her personal reinterpretation of the story, then we heard about lavender and all it’s uses, both physical and magickal while we enjoyed chocolate lavender truffles Jamie made at home in Southern California and brought to share with us. The recipe is in the book and she said that it’s quite simple! She then brought out a bottle of Damiana liquor and asked all those who were willing to take a cup of it and drink. We were led on a deep and transformative, guided meditation focused on the properties of Damiana. Wow! 

And … it gets better! I invited Jamie and her friend to join my student and me at Dragondale, my home in the redwoods, not far from the shop for a snack and a glass of wine before her next presentation at the Sacred Grove. We four had fun swapping tales, eating cheese, drinking wine and getting to know each other.

The book covers 33 commonly used and grown herbs in high detail, including both physical and magickal uses, correspondences with particular Deities and recipes. Cautionary notices are included for those herbs that should not be used during pregnancy and there are even some growing guidelines! The recipes are for both food items and some health/beauty care products.  The first several chapters address basic information about Faeries (intense beings of earth energy and magick), Green Gardening and Complementary Medicine.

The illustrations are unique and lovely. They each include an artistically rendered actual image of the plant with its faerie Diva.  The book layout, page use and visual presentation is truly engaging and it would be a graceful addition to any coffee table library, but the resource and information packed into this book requires that it receive the serious attention of any herbalist or green Witch. Enjoy!


Erin said...

Sorry we missed this event! It sounds wonderful, and we will look for this book.

Jamie said...

Huzzah!! Thanks. I enjoyed myself immensely!

Anonymous said...

The illustrations and poetry are done by Lisa Steinke. If you are interested in seeing more visit